Bentely: Libertarianism is the Only Way to Save Our Country’s Future

Read the original article at The Libertarian Vindicator:

As the Donald Trump presidency is well underway in Washington there is fear running around on multiple sides of the political spectrum on what might happen to our country. Politicians talk a great deal about the future of our country and what can be done to save it from destruction. There are arguments to be had that hear the voices of many different perspectives, but we are hear to tell you there is only one approach that can actually save this country from what might be its impending disaster.

Freedom and Liberty are the only way to ensure a more prosperous society and that comes from the Libertarian philosophy. It starts with the following:

Taken straight from the Libertarian Party website:

  • We seek to substantially reduce the size and intrusiveness of government and cut and eliminate taxes at every opportunity.
  • We believe that peaceful, honest people should be able to offer their goods and services to willing consumers without inappropriate interference from government.
  • We believe that peaceful, honest people should decide for themselves how to live their lives, without fear of criminal or civil penalties.
  • We believe that government’s only responsibility, if any, should be protecting people from force and fraud.


These core tenants showcase how we can save this country from its impending disaster. The answer on both sides of the two party system typically think it will take more government to solve our problems. One side (Republicans) will claim that they advocate smaller government, but when push comes to shove they all expand the size of the government as a way to fix the problems this country has.

We saw this today with President Trump proclaiming that he will increase the military budget by $54 Billion dollars with “supposed cuts” elsewhere. His own party won’t allow him to cut that much from the federal budget and hence we are back into the situation we always are in.

Too much government has always and will be the problem. We try too much as a country and in the end it bites us back. We increase the size and power of a institution that looks out for itself and restricts freedom. When we let the free market work on its own and let people make decisions for themselves we see economic prosperity.

This is how we save this country, we employ Libertarianism at all levels!


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